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The sage tea on becoming a 
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 wellness from anywhere for enhancing quality of life.
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The remedy towards becoming a cannabis nurse coach AND consultant
Why cannabis is here to stay in the health and wellness industry
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Cannabis is still illegal federally in the United States, however HEMP is federally legal in many countries so if you are hesitating on starting a cannabis nurse coaching and consulting practice....DON'T! The time is now and I'll share why...
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Coaching is a collaborative partnership where trust is established. My coaching approach is integrative, integral, holistic, and skilled. This means that I see you as a whole person from many perspectives to enhance success. In this discovery call we will: 
  • Co-identify  topics and concerns that you want to work on
  • Elevate areas that arouse energy and excitement
  • Focus on your strengths and values for transformation
  • Discover how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and career
  • Design a customized plan to get started on your journey
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